Antique Anxiety? Let Our Experts in Southington Handle Your Delicate Move

Are you the kind of person who loves heirloom treasures but worries about moving them? It can be nerve-wracking to think about transporting these precious antiques without damaging them. One misstep and you could lose a cherished piece of history forever. But don’t worry! If you live in Southington, you have a friend in Advantage Moving. We specialize in safely and smoothly transporting antiques so you can relax and enjoy your move without any extra stress.

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Why Antiques Deserve Specialized Care

Antiques are more than just furniture; they’re irreplaceable pieces of the past, imbued with sentimental value and often significant monetary worth. Their delicate nature requires specialized moving techniques and meticulous handling to ensure they arrive at their new home unscathed.

The Advantage Moving Difference for Your Antiques

At Advantage Moving, we understand the unique challenges of handling antiques. Our team of Southington movers isn’t just strong; they’re meticulous and experienced in handling delicate belongings. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Unwavering Expertise: Our movers in Southington undergo rigorous training in antique handling techniques. From proper lifting and carrying to secure packing and transportation, we ensure your prized possessions receive the utmost care.
  • Custom Crating and Packing: We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. Our team customizes creating and packing solutions for each antique, ensuring a snug and secure fit that minimizes the risk of damage during transport.
  • Detailed Inventory and Tracking: We maintain a detailed inventory of your antiques, ensuring every piece is accounted for throughout the move. Furthermore, our tracking system allows you to monitor your valuables’ progress in real time, providing added peace of mind.
  • Dedicated Moving Vehicles: Our fleet of moving vehicles is meticulously maintained and equipped with specialized features to prevent jostling or damage during transport. Climate control ensures your antiques are protected from temperature and humidity fluctuations.

Beyond Expertise

Our commitment goes beyond technical expertise. We understand the sentimental value your antiques hold. That’s why we treat each piece with the respect and care it deserves, offering you complete peace of mind throughout the moving process:

  • Free Consultation: Schedule a free consultation with our moving and packing company. We’ll assess your antiques, discuss specific needs, and create a customized moving plan that addresses your concerns.
  • Open Communication: We believe in clear and consistent communication. Our team will keep you informed every step of the way and address any questions or concerns you may have.

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Facts About Southington


43,000 approx

Year Founded


Known For

Southington is nicknamed "The Apple Valley" due to the many orchards that still dot its landscape.

Fun Fact

Southington, a town in Connecticut, has a significant role in the history of manufacturing carriage bolts. The first machines that made carriage bolts were developed in Southington, which played a crucial part in the evolution of the manufacturing industry.

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